Storyteller in Many Forms


Artistic Director ♣ Producer ♣ Actress ♣ Director 

Costumer ♣ Set Designer ♣  Playwright ♣ Poetess 

Corporate Creative  Business Professional


Beverly Van Pelt tells the story with conviction and clarity, and knows that any successful artistic project is more then the sum of its parts. It takes Craft and Strategy.

Her craft is part art and part engineering. “For me, the Art is that inspiration, that spark, if you will, that lights me up and sets my mind into engineering mode.” An example of this is her work in Upcycling Fashion Design. For her first piece, she was determined to make a men’s kilt out of duct tape. “I knew what I wanted it to look like, but invested time in researching traditional kilts and kilt construction. My mind was ignited with figuring out ways to create fabric from duct tape. I made 22 feet of duct fabric and used that to pleat the kilt.”

Strategy is having a concept and deciding where it needs to go. What is the endgame? What is meant to be achieved? Armed with these answers (with the end of the story), a plan comes together to actualize results. Having clarity of direction frees one to fully explore ones craft, allowing full expression to bloom and the branches of the plan to expand.  Essentially, telling a story is reaching the end – El Fin – by managing the use of the craft; be it words, paints, fabrics, people, schedules, budgets, anything.  All of the moving pieces manifest into a single unified vision.

Beverly applies her equation, Storyteller = Artist + Strategist, to all she does. “Take for example, a Shakespeare production of THE TEMPEST. If the end result is to make the theatre company xxxxxx dollars in revenue, that is vastly different from a production that aims to present a fun and understandable experience for elementary school children. Yet each of these needs appropriate planning, scheduling, budgeting, craftsmanship, etc.”