HERE WE ARE!!! This photo was taken the day after we won the Mountain Pacific Championship and an opportunity to compete in the 2007 US Curling Assn Women’s Club Nationals. Barry (our coach), me, and Lyle relaxing after League Night in Fremont. Lyle’s mixed team is heading to Nationals, too! Curling is physically demanding so […]

CURLING-Mountain Pacific Champs!

Indeed! Team Coleman (San Francisco) has won the Mountain Pacific Play-downs and will be traveling to St. Paul, MN for the Women’s Club Nationals from March 4 – 10, 2007. We are humbled by our experience as we are the first women’s team from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club, and the first from […]


Well, I just saw Bruce Campbell in a FABULOUS commercial for OLD SPICE. Bravo, Bruce! Sophisticated Humor is startlingly appropriate in your capable hands. If you haven’t seen it, it will undoubtedly be on YouTube momentarily. I gotta go out to buy some OLD SPICE now. B.


LET’S START WITH CURLING As the MoPac Women’s Club National Play-downs approach, and after the constant eating, entertaining, and gift-grabbing, I am finally am to concentrate on once again training for Curling. * It began with water. I have been considerably dehydrated as of late and thus must forego the Champagne for that which is […]


On August 8, 2006, The Gothic Gourmet was enjoying an evening out on the ice at the Logitech Ice Arena in San Jose, California. Goths on Ice – heh, sounds like a poor title for a Broadway Musical. Anyhow, I was out there throwing stones, sweeping, and more sweeping. My team was down one person […]

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