Majestic Green


This magical tree, verdant and very alive, dwells amongst the redwoods and pines of the Boy Scout Reservation at Camp Pico Blanco in Big Sur, California.


Nature has such a way about it. If you allow yourself, you will feel it’s life vibrating beneath your feet, in the whisper of air, in the thrilling quiver of hearing a bird or other animal rustle in the brush or high canopy of the forest. I am often struck by the immensity of Nature’s beauty, and if you ever hike with me, you will know that standing in awe of it, I will cry.  I can’t say way I cry in the face of profound beauty like this other than that in the presence of such vast splender, I am overcome.

When I take the Cub Scouts on our famous hikes, I talk to them about such things. My hope is that they will sense this living world, and when the concrete world of electronic gadgets and work-related pressures get to feel too heavy, they will remember there is a retreat that will embrace them and restore their youthful life-blood.

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