Did you know that I love to work-out, especially with weights. There is something quite meditative for me in the physicality of movement, though Yoga and such lack a certain intensity that I thrive on. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of a good little soccer game with a bunch of kids or an evening back on my favorite Curling Ice, but these are not easy to come by right now.

When I get this urge, I know it’s time to step up the intensity of my normal work-out. Here are some of my favorite ways of doing that.

1) JUMPING ROPE — This is one of those childhood acitivities that I loved soooooo much that I stll delight in doing it. I’m hoping to put together a small group of friends –who also like jumping rope — to try doing “double dutch” again. Oh! How I LOVED that!

2) HIKING — The Central Coast of California has some impressive and daunting hikes in glorious forests, but I’m also a big fan of hiking the steep streets of Old Monterey. Inevitably, one hiking there will end at one of many fabulous city parks. While taking in the sights at the park, add Jumping Jacks, push-ups, deep knee lunges, and high kicks.

3) JOGGING ON THE BEACH — They say that jogging barefoot in beach sand is the very best way to do it. The Monterey Peninsula has breath-taking beaches as well as walking/biking trails that hug the beaches. I have never been a willing jogger (ever) but I am determined to start now because the scenic beauty contributes much to ones sense of health.

4) BICYCLING BY THE BEACH — These walking/biking trails listed above offer a relatively safe way to get in a lot of milage while taking in the sights. I gave up bicycling many years ago but now a new yearning has started in me and this is on my list of “must do” activities.

5) GARDENING — About the time I start getting bored in my work-outs, I always seem to notice that the yard needs to be weeded, the garden needs planting, or the trees need pruning. These activities, when aproached with vigor, work every muscle in the body and burn intense amounts of calories when you continue to push through fatigue to get the job done. There is nothing like collapsing in exhaustion in a lawn chair and enjoying the beauty of your labors.

I would love to know what YOU do to add intensity to your work-outs. And what do you wear to work-out? In keeping with my goth sensibilities, I wear black band girly tees adn black yoga pants.

Be well. Be healthy. And beware!

From the Sunny Side of the Graveyard,
Beverly – The Gothic Gourmet