FOOD NETWORK’S “The Great Food Truck Race”


OK Gang! I am now able to tell you what’s been going on in my life.


My new motto is “FEAR NOT!” and that served me well as I applied to be on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” for this season.  As I sent the email, I told Patrick and our other teammate, “I don’t know how far this will go, but I feel SO GOOD about it!”


A couple of days later, I received an email requesting more information to specific questions. Wow! That was such a positive sign and I told Patrick and our teammate, “See! This s%^t is real!”


A few days after that I received a phone call from the casting agent and we had a really great 30 minute conversation. You know how sometimes the idea in your head only sounds good in your head and when you speak out loud it’s revealed to just be dumb? Well… that didn’t happen! On the contrary, the more I spoke about it, the better it sounded. It was simply THRILLING to talk with the casting agent. I told Patrick and our teammate, “This could really happen!”

That led to a more formal request for info and a video audition. At this point, we had received a bit more information about the requirements, and we had only a few precious days to complete the process. Everything had worked like it was destiny and I knew this was really about to happen! And that’s when the Soul-searching begins.


“Fear Not!” I said to myself and my teammates. “I’m willing risk it! I’m all in!” It’s normal and perfectly natural to look at your schedule, to imagine what could happen, to question yourself. It’s also natural that when the s*^t gets real, schedule conflicts help you to prioritize where you are in life. It’s a big, hairy, scary thing to be on the verge of something so big. Our teammate dropped out at the last hour.


Well, you know me, I wasn’t done! Patrick and I recorded the video audition and finished all of the required materials. We edited the footage, just a little, for length in Final Cut Pro and when we went to render the video, the program closed. Patrick would open the file and every time he tried to render, it would close. This has never happened to us before. I never give up (you know that!) so I got a “hair-brained idea”! We used the web cam to make a video of the Final Cut Pro file. It was awful – the sound was a disaster – but it was what we had.


You will not believe what happened next! So then all that was left was to upload everything, and the electricity went out on the whole Monterey Peninsula… for two hours. I was freaking out! And yet, I was noticing. Noticing that these were signs. When the electricity came back on, Patrick feverishly put the package together and was about to send it out when – wait for it – the electricity went out again!


I believe that when it’s meant to be, whatever “IT” is, it just works. Every step of the way “just worked” like it was magic. Now I could see that “IT” wasn’t working.  But we don’t give up, EVER! When the power returned, Patrick sent off the package. It was what it was.


In the morning, we were greeted by an email from the wonderful casting agent who sympathized with our struggles, especially with losing our teammate at the last possible moment. “Do you have ANY hopefuls?”


There had been one person that I’d had in mind from the beginning but I knew he wasn’t available. Or so I thought! A couple of hours later — Turns out, he JUMPED at the chance for such a great adventure! I called the casting agent back and told her the great news. She took that behind the scenes.


We had gotten up, but not into, the “In-Person Interview” stage when the dream came to an end. She let us know that there just wasn’t enough time to get us down there. We just ran out of time.


I’m not sad! We did everything we could, and did it all with a Great Attitude and Pure Heart. My ideas were validated, my plan was strong. It was THRILLING to make it so far in the process, and I am proud to say that I never, and I mean never, had any fear!  We never gave up!


Thank you to the Food Network, The Great Food Truck Race, and their AMAZING Casting Agent at RelativityREAL! I have much LOVE for you!

— Beverly

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