That’s the basic exclamation to describe my summer!

I was recently interviewed on an AWESOME radio show called, The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women. It’s on BlogTalk Radio and if you missed it, you can still hear me in the Archive of the show. Here’s the link:
The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women on BlogTalk Radio then click “Archived Segments”.

On the show, we discussed my upcoming article called, “The Ghost Hunters’ Picnick” (the extra “k” is a nod to the paranormal). In the article, I have focused much attention on The Ghost Hunter – what happens to the individual during times of stress, the perceptions used to investigate, and the types of food that will support the whole person without interfering with the Investigators’ primary tools… the senses.

And special “Thank You!” to Amy and Kristy for giving me the opportunity to be part of their amazing show.

I was also interviewed for INK Magazine where I discussed the origin of The Gothic Gourmet and some of my interests. At the end of the interview, I discovered that it is a Fashion Column. I was surprised! Thank you Beth Elderkin. Can’t wait to see the article.

I want to thank THE SERPENTEENS and in particular my very good friend Glenn Sorino for the FABULOUS mention in the acknowledgements for their new album, THE SUPERHUMAN MONSTER SHOW. The CD Release Party was Saturday, July 14TH, and these guys are the real deal in entertainment! Check them out at http://www.serpenteens.com/ and on Myspace. My favorite song is Hell California!

Then there is another very good friend of mine – Vlad Quigley, from across the pond (South London). He has done me the great honor of asking to use my likeness in his artwork. So flattered was I that I crashed my computer before finding the headshots to send him. Be that is it may, Vlad is a brilliant artist whose work has been described as Pop Art Nouveau (Pop Art meets Art Nouveau). Drawing horror comics and art for rock acts and celebrities, Vlad is an inspiration. Besides ME… some notable subjects are Sir Roger Moore (yes, James Bond!), Dollhouse Days Are Over, Rubella Ballet, the London Goddess Temple, Babyshambles, X-Ray Spex’s Poly Styrene, Skye Edwards, SugarBitch, Jessica Jaymes…

Vlad… You’re such a British ICON! Thank you, Love!

There was the Gala Opening for the new NAPASTYLE store in Los Gatos. NAPASTYLE is the brainchild of fabulous chef and all-around-good-guy MICHAEL CHIARELLO. Check out my blog and photos on Myspace.

And finally, there is a special place in my heart for the Fabulous Wendy Brickman, Publicist and Marketing Guru! Thank you, Wendy. You’re the best!

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  1. Hey! Love your site…Wendy Brickman (www.brickmanmarketing.com) mentioned it to me, and I had to check it out (I’m her cousin.) I’m going to add you as a favorite on my blog so others can enjoy…also, check out elegantchild.com; it’s really cool for the little ones!

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