Location Scouting


Mutton on the Moors, Mission Ranch, Carmel, CA


Location Scouting — I do this at the stage when I need some juice to bring my script alive. Whether it’s the missing element of interaction between characters and the environment, or filling in for the complete absence of background description, location photography can very often be the inspiration for your plot.


City Water Fixtures (What the Heck are these called?), Monterey, CA 


1)   Keep an eye out for locations with “the feel”.

2)   How accessible is the place? Is there access? Is there parking? Are people allowed there? Can one get people AND equipment in?

3)   Walk the area. This is the best way know the spirit of the location; to get to know the light sources, sounds.

4)   Take lots of photos from every angle and distance. This is especially important to me to add in the storyboarding phase of a production. Long, medium, and close shots from any angle can instantly convey what words only hint at.

5)   Print the photos. Display them. Look at them. Feel the location.


Even if the location turns out to not work, for whatever reason, location scouting is still a great aid in moving your story to the next level.


Clearing, Monterey, CA


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