Here we are/

perched high above the weekend/

waiting for our turn/

to soar into the clouds.

High above the clouds/

we fly into the darkness/

until we reach the MOON/

and find our sleeping shroud.

So basically, there are beats sounding in my head all of the time. Not the way it happens with musicians… I only wish that were the case. No, for me it’s a thumping “drums ‘n’ bass” beat that continues, waiting for me to put down words, before it finally moves on to the next beat.

I can’t always see the words though. Sometimes the beat lingers in my head for months… or longer… waiting for my imagination to see what I hear.

I was asked if these words, above, are lyrics. The answer right now is yes, but it is unclear to me what I will ultimately do with them. I suspect that they will find their way into the book I’m writing as it fits the feel and rhythm of the thing.

As the lyrics say, here we are perched high above the weekend, so I hope everyone has a great one.


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