In my last post, I detailed the Duct Tape Kilt that I made for the BIG SUR FASHION SHOW for my act “The Post-Punk Macbeths”.  Here is more on my process and the designs I created.

The Lady Macbeth Corset made of Strapping Tape and Shower Curtains







I always have heavy brown paper around for making pattern pieces. Here, I’ve used another corset as a template for these pattern pieces.








Like I did for the Macbeth Duct Tape Kilt in Part I, I created a base  for building my “fabric”. A shower curtain is layered with strapping tape which I layered both horizontally and vertically for added strength. On the opposite side, I outlined my pattern pieces, being sure to number the pieces to be sure that I assembled them in the right order after cutting them out.








After cutting out all of the pieces, I added a layer of Tree Strapping. It gave the piece a beautiful blue-green color and a wee bit of cushioning.








Stupidly, I sewed this whole corset together with my sewing machine. I don’t know how else I would have done this, but the result is the adhesive gummed up my sewing machine… and my sister’s sewing machine too. Yes. I used two sewing machines because once started, I couldn’t really change my process. Anyhow, I was able to take my sister’s sewing machine apart to clean  it, but not mine. Grrr… I may have to take it in to the shop for service. Still, the seams were impressive.








Here’s a photo of the blue-green layer of Tree Strapping that I used. On top of it, I stitch a layer of a prismed shower curtain. I pointedly did not glue the shower curtain down because the 3 dimensional quality of the curtain completely disappeared when I tried it on a tester piece. So I free floated it on the other layers and stitched the seams.








The result was a stunning “fabric” that I’m quite proud of. The floating quality of the layers and prism design nearly created a holographic effect. At this point, I started to get really excited!








The corset opened out to show the seaming. I didn’t expect the design to stay as straight as it did. It looked very professional to have the squares lined up.








And here is the corset in the closed shape. I was the model for this design and I have to admit that it was very shapely on me.








And here is a close-up detail of the seams.


I wore this design with a “HOOP” SKIRT. Here are photos of that.








This is the shower curtain that I used for both the corset above and the following skirt.
















I devised this hanging system so I could work on the ENGINEERING of this skirt. For as simple as it was, it was very technical. I used a hula hoop for the bottom hoop and plumbers water heater strapping tape for the center hoop. Colorful duct tape connected the hoops together… at an angle… which was sooooooo hard to work with. The waist band was ridiculous. I still don’t quite know how I got it to work. I guess with enough duct tape and staples you can make anything happen! Ultimately, it got the 3d Shower curtain over the whole thing.

The day of the BIG SUR FASHION SHOW, I added green blinking lights under the skirt and it was the PERFECT last touch because I entered the stage in the dark so the people only saw the blinking lights at first.

I’ll post photos from the BIG SUR FASHION SHOW and the AFTER PARTY in my next post.


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