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BEVERLY VAN PELT – AUDIBLE PRODUCER/VOICE TALENT – Beverly’s voice has been described variously as articulate, angry, enthusiastic, flirtatious, helpless, melodramatic, professional, quirky, raspy, sexy, smooth, soothing, sophisticated, stressed, terrified, velvety, upbeat, warm, and wicked. In her stage role as the female lead in Tony Burgess’ “PONTYPOOL” at Stardust Playhouse, she produced a series of “promos” – professional quality audio of commercials featured during the performance of the play. Beverly’s professional voice was featured in the intro and outro for “ParaWomen SCREAM Radio”, and as co-host of the program she was consistently described as articulate, educated, and friendly. She was a frequent guest on the radio shows “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Psychic” and “Wings of Love Radio” where her voice was described as gentle and soothing.

PATRICK R. GOLDEN – AUDIBLE PRODUCER/VOICE TALENT – I have been an insane tyrant, a radio-bound narcissist, a neurotic sycophant with too much political power, a lounge singer vampire with delusions of grandeur, a Byronic poet, a Viking bard, a drunken German brewmaster, and “a guy who reads the boilerplate” (among many others…). I have 25+ years of performance experience, including several years as a gigging-touring guitarist/vocalist, several stints on local radio, and most recently, theatrical acting. I am outlandishly fond of imitating others’ voices, and am a lifelong student of the Accent. I’ve had women tell me that I have an Orson Wellesian aspect.

ACX – ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post fallow audiobook rights.

PISCEAN CREED – Patrick Golden – Graphic Designer, Musician, Writer, Actor

VLAD QUIGLEY – Council Estate Cavalier artist. 17th Century erotic, baroque, Pop Art for the alienated, gothic & dispossessed! Always lyrical, romantic, saucy & polite!

AUTHOR LISA A SHIEL – Lisa researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history and science. She has a master’s degree in library science and previously served as president of the Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association. As a fiction writer, Lisa blends her paranormal interests with sci-fi and romance elements to create her own brand of adventure stories. Her fiction works include the Human Origins Series novels as well as short story collections. Lisa’s nonfiction books explore topics as diverse as Bigfoot, evolution, and Michigan’s quirky history.

ALLIE CHESLICK – PSYCHIC INTUITIVE – Allie has been a radio host for years with her highly successful and top rated, “Wings of Love Radio” that was heard on many stations across the world as well as on iTunes and numerous archived downloads. Allie’s goal is to close that gap by sharing her insight, wisdom and healing perspectives. Her previous guests have been some of the most amazing movers and shakers, innovative and creative people on the planet.

ANDREW BREWER – THE ROCK ‘n’ ROLL PSYCHIC – Andrew Brewer offers Clairvoyant Readings professionally since 1987. Client list includes major recording stars from Nashville and LA to San Francisco, London, and Berlin (this is where the name “Rock n Roll Psychic” comes from); Actors (both stage and TV / Film “stars” from The United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Russia, England, Ireland, France, Italy, and Australia), TV and Movie Directors, Producers, and Crew; professional athletes from both the NFL and NBA, NFL cheerleaders, International supermodels, Playboy “Playmates”, professional psychics and healers, and major players on Wall Street.

THE REALM OF THE UNREAL – Literary Terror, From the Gothic to the Cosmic

A PORTRAIT IN FLESH – Literary Decadence, From Efflorescence to Perdition

PAPER WING THEATRE – Paper Wing Theatre Company provides entertainment where questions of justice, morality, and humanity can be explored. We choose plays that challenge our moral and social consciences, inviting our audiences to be provoked, challenged, and stimulated. We maintain that live theatre is not a provider of answers, but an invitation to query.  Paper Wing Theatre is committed to exploring these questions whether they are found in the classics, contemporary works, or new plays. We are committed to pushing the envelope, pushing boundaries, and sometimes pushing buttons. Paper Wing is proud to be the only independent theatre company in Monterey County!

JON TAFFER – Exec Producer & Host of #BarRescue on @SpikeTV, President of Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show

NIGHTCLUB & BAR – Focused on providing users with the most current information in the industry, leading content found on provides coverage and in-depth analysis of on-premise drink, product and consumer trends, as well as expert advice and case studies of leading operators on beverage staff training and management, operations, responsible service, equipment and cutting-edge promotion and marketing practices.

CULT GODDESS MAGAZINE – The online magazine about women with the most loyal fans going

DEBBIE ROCHON – Indie actress who has been in 200 plus films

MOONSPELL – The ONLY Official MOONSPELL Facebook page

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