Shrunken Apple Heads by Beverly Van Pelt

One of the joys of Halloween is the Art of Carving. I’ve been known to demonstrate pumpkin speed carving, but my FAVORITE carving projects are the whimsical shrunken apple heads that I make. These little guys lasted from September of one year to December of the next, and as you can see in the photo, they had a proud home atop of my piano.

As I carved each one, I was inspired by the contours of the fruit. I studied each apple’s coloring to guide the placement of facial features and imagined the various line depths I could achieve with angled cuts and patience.

While it’s impossible to know just how the drying process will affect your work, one can assume the look of deep crevices and tightly closed eyes. Seemingly impossible cuts in the cheeks created surprisingly realistic features like cheekbones, cleft chins, full lips, and worry lines!

I may actually have photos taken during the making of these shrunken apple heads. I’ll look for them and post them here with full instructions.

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