Speed Carving – Pumpkins

I have a confession to make! This past Halloween I decided to show off for the large group of kids at our neighborhood block party. Yep! I spread a large black plastic bag out and sat down on it with my giant pumpkin… and a steak knife and soup spoon.

It was my first time to SPEED CUT a Jack O’ Lantern.

Wheee… what F-U-N it was to wantonly wield my blade, slice off the top, scrapping out squash guts. Then, with a wicked grin, I stabbed then sawed out eyes, nose, and mouth.

Ta-da! I was done! I was done in minutes.

Speed Carved “Tiger” Jack O’Lantern

The children uhed and ahed. I beamed! The children began chanting, “Do it again! Do it again!”

Proudly I picked up the next pumpkin and performed the feat again slashing up a tiger.

My young audience cheered.

What a wonderful Halloween it was!

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