** SPOILER ALERT ** “The World’s End” movie


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This is a debriefing of the movie “The World’s End”

Patrick Golden (my husband) and I went to the first showing of “The World’s End” last night. At 1am we were discussing how straight-forward the plot was, but by this afternoon, an insightful conversation took place. Here it is:




Patrick Golden: OH! The robots that Gary was with at the end of the movie were the younger versions of his friends! I just read that!

Beverly Van Pelt: That’s makes so much sense, doesn’t it?! He was with his “original” pack.

Patrick Golden: EXACTLY! He’s still trapped in his youth, but he’s resolved to be there. His arc is complete.

Patrick Golden: Stunts were coordinated by Brad Allen of martial arts film director Jackie Chan’s team. Wright said: “In [Chan film] Drunken Master, Jackie Chan has to get drunk to fight, but this is more the idea of Dutch courage. You know, when you’re kind of drunk and you think ‘ah, I can climb up that scaffolding!’ Or just that you’re impervious to pain. One of the things we talked about is this idea that [the characters] become better fighters the more oiled they get.”

Beverly Van Pelt: And his older friends went back in their “evolved” selves to move to the uncertain future.

“the more oiled they get”!!!! I love that whole concept of – Dutch Courage — LIQUID COURAGE! That’s definitely what I liked about the fight scenes. And that really they were winnable fights. The Blanks were not invincible.

Patrick Golden:  They were quite fragile actually. They just had the swarming ability of zombies.

Simon Pegg’s birthday. 14 February 1970   He’s 43.

Beverly Van Pelt: Valentine’s Babies strike again! 43. That explains a lot. I love that there were barely any costume changes in the movie. They were just exactly who they were.

Sometime I feel like it’s okay for me to still be a little suck in the 80s and 90s. To hold on to some of my youthful joy and pain. Pain was through the painful lessons — but joy was from having MUSIC in my life.

Patrick Golden: I think the movie is maybe a little more sophisticated than I originally thought. Those are good insights, especially about the costumes!

And music is especially insightful. We keep certain memories in our favorites songs.

Beverly Van Pelt: It’s likely a movie that we’ll keep talking about for a while. Yes. It was more sophisticated than I thought too. In it, there was growth and stagnation just like there is in life. The “old town” (where you originate) stays the same, never changing, stuck in the past, and even the town characters are stuck in a moment of time, like mannequins in a store window, plastic and ready to do ANYTHING to prevent change.

Beverly Van Pelt: This same theme was in Hot Fuzz

Patrick Golden: And in Shaun of the Dead.

Beverly Van Pelt: And actually in Shaun of the Dead.


Patrick Golden: haha…

Beverly Van Pelt: Gary struggled with that. He wanted the ‘old town’. He wanted the ‘old Gary’ The King, the Legend. He was desperate for it. But when he had the chance to have that, he declined, changing the world forever… and regaining his position of former glory in his ‘old tribe’.

Old tribe was his new tribe

Patrick Golden: I like that.

In the end he got what he wanted.

Not to complete the Golden Mile, but to continue the quest. once the quest was over, he would not be the same Gary anymore.

Beverly Van Pelt: His quest may have outwardly been to complete the Golden Mile, but inwardly, his quest was to lead a pack. So many references and comments about other groups, other packs – remember how he tried to invite the one dude to join his pack. Even the robots were a pack… er…  hive

Patrick Golden: True. And the fact that he was “King” is evidence of that.

Beverly Van Pelt: By leading a pack, he would live forever.


Patrick Golden: Especially by the end…he was just The King. Not Gary King.

Beverly Van Pelt: He was suck in his old self until he regained his place of leadership. Once that happened, he was once again able to evolve(?)- from beer to water. Ultimately, I sensed a quest within a quest. The Blanks were the new harmed class and Gary was The King to protect and champion them.

Patrick Golden: God…you should write this into a blog. Now.

Those are excellent observation, and all very true, methinks.

Beverly Van Pelt: Oh, thank you, Patrick. I do love to analyze a story for its deeper meanings. You are so sweet to say so.

Patrick Golden: Just like old times! Sitting at Denny’s with the crew after a late movie…

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