Majestic Green

This magical tree, verdant and very alive, dwells amongst the redwoods and pines of the Boy Scout Reservation at Camp Pico Blanco in Big Sur, California.   Nature has such a way about it. If you allow yourself, you will feel it’s life vibrating beneath your feet, in the whisper of air, in the thrilling […]


Wild Turkeys in Monterey, California   Much to the chagrin of other drivers, I break for Wild Turkeys! There is something so fascinating to me about these creatures, and I love to watch them as they feed and move and plume their tail feathers. I took this photo one day as I walked.

Turkey in a Nesco Roaster Oven

For the first time, I cooked a 14 lb. turkey in my Nesco Roaster. It was incredibly easy and was the best turkey I’ve ever roasted. I did have the concern that I wouldn’t get the beautiful color that conventional oven roasting delivers, yet my modest poultry came out perfectly. Here’s how I did it. […]

PLAY WITH FOOD – Pumpkin Carving

PLAY WITH FOOD – Pumpkin Carving When it comes to pumpkin carving, I’ve decided to push my limits so when I came across the book, PLAY WITH FOOD by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann, I was instantly ready for the challenge. The main technique illustrated throughout the book is to utilize the inherent characteristics of […]

My Lovely Orchid

  My Lovely Orchid I love this photo because it reminds me of what incredible beauty awaits in the next bloom. It was a gift and I enjoyed it’s iridiscent blooms for many weeks. Suddenly they fell off and the plant seemed nearly dead. I found a book on orchid and learned to repot it. I […]

VULTURE KING – “Man of Faith”

Check out VULTURE KING’s live performance in San Jose, CA. The band recorded their upcoming EP at Franklin Street Recording Studio in Monterey, CA and I was honored to get to spend time with them in studio. I love to be in presence of creative energy and VULTURE KING certainly has it! Check out photos […]

Eternal Mist

Voyaging across the Atlantic from America, hearts beating with anticipation, they were married in the first church they found upon coming ashore. Two new people – one new bond – in the land of love and tears. He rented the old tower that sat on the edge of the cliffs, knowing how much he and […]

Health Crisis and the Climb Back Up!

Here’s the post I made on Facebook: “Thank you for all of the emails over the last 5 weeks. Just after Halloween I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer and have been very focused on taking the necessary steps to wellness. It’s crazy fast once one gets this news-surgery 2 weeks ago, chemo starts […]


Did you know that I love to work-out, especially with weights. There is something quite meditative for me in the physicality of movement, though Yoga and such lack a certain intensity that I thrive on. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming of a good little soccer game with a bunch of kids or an evening back […]

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