** SPOILER ALERT ** “The World’s End” movie

** SPOILER ALERT **   This is a debriefing of the movie “The World’s End” Patrick Golden (my husband) and I went to the first showing of “The World’s End” last night. At 1am we were discussing how straight-forward the plot was, but by this afternoon, an insightful conversation took place. Here it is:   […]


Shrunken Apple Heads by Beverly Van Pelt

One of the joys of Halloween is the Art of Carving. I’ve been known to demonstrate pumpkin speed carving, but my FAVORITE carving projects are the whimsical shrunken apple heads that I make. These little guys lasted from September of one year to December of the next, and as you can see in the photo, […]

Majestic Green

This magical tree, verdant and very alive, dwells amongst the redwoods and pines of the Boy Scout Reservation at Camp Pico Blanco in Big Sur, California.   Nature has such a way about it. If you allow yourself, you will feel it’s life vibrating beneath your feet, in the whisper of air, in the thrilling […]

Location Scouting

Mutton on the Moors, Mission Ranch, Carmel, CA   Location Scouting — I do this at the stage when I need some juice to bring my script alive. Whether it’s the missing element of interaction between characters and the environment, or filling in for the complete absence of background description, location photography can very often […]


I was honored to attend Adam Leipzig’s workshop, Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers   Carmel, CA–Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers, February 16, 2013 The sun was out in Carmel and one might have been tempted to lounge the day away in the quiet village, unless that someone was an Independent Filmmaker. In the rarified world […]


Monterey Tribe U13 Lacrosse boys played hard at the Fair Oaks Tournament on 03/02/2013. Afterward, they headed to UC Berkeley to watch the Cal Bears Mens Lacrosse team battle it out against Sonoma. In this photo, the Monterey Tribe U13 Lacrosse boys are watching as the Cal Bears Mens Lacrosse team warms-up before the game. […]


Look what I found! It’s my Bruce Campbell Poster from his appearance in Santa Cruz, CA in 2004. It was great meeting him and he is delightfully funny! Of course, since then I have become a devoted “Bruce Campbell Fan”. You can follow Bruce Campbell on Twitter: @GroovyBruce. He posts often and mentions his many […]

The Gothic Gourmet Blog comes HOME

Well, it’s finally done! The Blog has Officially come HOME to The GothicGourmet.com, thus introducing a more stream-lined experience. On the sidebar to the left, you will find a News & Forum button to take you deeper into the Realm. — So the day has been spent on this project and of course, on putting […]


Well, I just saw Bruce Campbell in a FABULOUS commercial for OLD SPICE. Bravo, Bruce! Sophisticated Humor is startlingly appropriate in your capable hands. If you haven’t seen it, it will undoubtedly be on YouTube momentarily. I gotta go out to buy some OLD SPICE now. B.

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