Speed Carving – Pumpkins

I have a confession to make! This past Halloween I decided to show off for the large group of kids at our neighborhood block party. Yep! I spread a large black plastic bag out and sat down on it with my giant pumpkin… and a steak knife and soup spoon. It was my first time […]

Light On My Foot

This photo says so much. 1.   Shoes that are black, strappy, pointy, high-heeled are my favorite. I even wear them to the beach. 2.   I have a vision of the world that is quirky and eclectic. 3.   Con-trails or… ehem… chem.-trails… criss-cross the sky in deliberate patterns. 4.   I live in a coastal city on […]

Americana Checker Board

There is a fabric out there for everything so when I decided to make a quick gift for Independence Day, I was delighted find Colonial colors: midnight blue with tiny white stars, deep red basket weave, and an antiqued parchment with “Father, I cannot tell a lie…” George Washington quote. This small (18” x 28”) […]

PLAY WITH FOOD – Pumpkin Carving

PLAY WITH FOOD – Pumpkin Carving When it comes to pumpkin carving, I’ve decided to push my limits so when I came across the book, PLAY WITH FOOD by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann, I was instantly ready for the challenge. The main technique illustrated throughout the book is to utilize the inherent characteristics of […]


The most famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster. I have friends who believe reports that Nessie is dead, but there is something inside of me that says, NO!

My Lovely Orchid

  My Lovely Orchid I love this photo because it reminds me of what incredible beauty awaits in the next bloom. It was a gift and I enjoyed it’s iridiscent blooms for many weeks. Suddenly they fell off and the plant seemed nearly dead. I found a book on orchid and learned to repot it. I […]

VULTURE KING – “Man of Faith”

Check out VULTURE KING’s live performance in San Jose, CA. The band recorded their upcoming EP at Franklin Street Recording Studio in Monterey, CA and I was honored to get to spend time with them in studio. I love to be in presence of creative energy and VULTURE KING certainly has it! Check out photos […]

Eternal Mist

Voyaging across the Atlantic from America, hearts beating with anticipation, they were married in the first church they found upon coming ashore. Two new people – one new bond – in the land of love and tears. He rented the old tower that sat on the edge of the cliffs, knowing how much he and […]

Health Crisis and the Climb Back Up!

Here’s the post I made on Facebook: “Thank you for all of the emails over the last 5 weeks. Just after Halloween I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer and have been very focused on taking the necessary steps to wellness. It’s crazy fast once one gets this news-surgery 2 weeks ago, chemo starts […]

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