Brand Refresh

Big Sur Fashion Show

At my Corporate job, we’re preparing for a Brand Refresh so I thought it was time to do my own Refresh on my website.  The funny thing is, I’m now inspired to do the Brand Refresh on myself.  Let me explain. What’s a Brand Refresh? When I was a student at California State University, Monterey […]


In my last post, I detailed the Duct Tape Kilt that I made for the BIG SUR FASHION SHOW for my act “The Post-Punk Macbeths”.  Here is more on my process and the designs I created. The Lady Macbeth Corset made of Strapping Tape and Shower Curtains           I always have […]

Cocktails! Photos of Cocktails!

I’ve been quite busy on Pinterest lately. Here is the link: Liqueur Love Patrick and I have been researching Brands of Spirits and that has led to learning more about Cocktails in general. The whole experience has opened our eyes to an industry that is in rapid growth now. For example, US Bourbon and TN Whiskey, according […]


    ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT! Don’t miss my first stage appearance. I’m playing SYDNEY BRIAR (not The Gothic Gourmet as a cameo). Stardust Playhouse presents “Pontypool”, the stage adaptation of the Canadian Thriller written by Tony Burgess, Directed by Kirsten Clapp. A small town is in the grip of a mysterious frenzy. It may […]

Chefs Battle of the Wharf

Well it’s been a busy time for me!  I was invited to LIVE TWEET about Chef Marc Jones of Lucky’s Roadhouse opening soon in Seaside, CA at the #ChefsBattleOfTheWharf, an event for the Grand Opening of the Wharf Marketplace ‏(@TWMMonterey). The event was stunning and the weather perfect! The Wharf Marketplace is located off of Del Monte […]


Shrunken Apple Heads by Beverly Van Pelt

One of the joys of Halloween is the Art of Carving. I’ve been known to demonstrate pumpkin speed carving, but my FAVORITE carving projects are the whimsical shrunken apple heads that I make. These little guys lasted from September of one year to December of the next, and as you can see in the photo, […]

Majestic Green

This magical tree, verdant and very alive, dwells amongst the redwoods and pines of the Boy Scout Reservation at Camp Pico Blanco in Big Sur, California.   Nature has such a way about it. If you allow yourself, you will feel it’s life vibrating beneath your feet, in the whisper of air, in the thrilling […]

Location Scouting

Mutton on the Moors, Mission Ranch, Carmel, CA   Location Scouting — I do this at the stage when I need some juice to bring my script alive. Whether it’s the missing element of interaction between characters and the environment, or filling in for the complete absence of background description, location photography can very often […]


Wild Turkeys in Monterey, California   Much to the chagrin of other drivers, I break for Wild Turkeys! There is something so fascinating to me about these creatures, and I love to watch them as they feed and move and plume their tail feathers. I took this photo one day as I walked.

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