It’s a wonderous thing, the rain, for it gives life-affirming nourishment to the soon to imerge signs of Spring, our winter-green hills, and the water tables that sustain us through the year. So often one hears the complaints that, “Oh, I wish it would stop raining.” and I understand that, especially when the rain is every day, or when it is accompanied by stormy weather. Yet, I always feel grateful when the wet-stuff comes down.

I suppose part of that is living in Monterey County in California. Since I was a young child I’ve heard the long-echoed call to “conserve water because we’re in a drought” mantra. That prevailing thought used to sit heavily in my head like the weight of guilt when you don’t eat all of the food on your plate. Somehow, we weren’t to complain because we needed rain so badly.

And so, I also remember kneeling at the front window of my childhood home, chin on the sill, watching fat raindrops plop on the walk, steadily, softly, hypnotically. I didn’t know it at the time but this was my meditiation; my retreat from the many scripts I had rolling through my head. Those quiet moments held something more for me. They were visually relaxing. Do you know what I mean? The constancy of the rain juxtaposed with the brevity of the drops meant that you saw it, it was gone, it was still present, but was no longer available to study before the next was falling nearby.

I could comment long and steady (like the rain) on all of those reflective moments that “just were” on wet days. Even now, at the first circles of water on the driveway, I smile and make my way out to feel the light but sure thumps on my head as christened by the rain. I throw my head back hoping for sacred drops to land on my eye lids as I stand as one with nature.

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What are your stories of rain? Feel free to comment. I love all of the wonderful correspondence you send.