There, there! Did you drink too much and need a little something for the tummy? Try this refreshing cooler. The watermelon eases dehydration and the pured ginger is calming for upset stomachs. I found this and many more refreshing drinks in the book, “Smooties and Other Blended Drinks“.


Indian and Moroccan sharbats are distantly related to the sherbets which are familiar to Westerners. They were introduced by the Moghul emperors who invaded India over the North West Frontier in the 16th century. If you have a juice extractor, use it to make watermelon juice though I must admit I prefer the thicker consistency produced by a food processor. You can buy ginger pure in supermarkets, but if you can’t find it, just peel fresh ginger root and pure in a food processor with a little water of lemon juice, then freeze in small quantities for future use.

1 small, ripe watermelon, chilled
2 tablespoons ginger pure (or more to taste)
water (see method)
sugar, to taste
crushed ice, to serve

Cut the watermelon in wedges, remove and discard the rind and seeds. Blend the flesh in a food processor with the ginger. Add water if the mixture is too thick. Taste and add sugar if needed. Serve over crushed ice. SERVES 2-4

Smoothies and Other Blended Drinks, By Elsa Petersen-Schepelern, Time-Life Books, 1997

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  1. I never would’ve thought of putting watermelon and ginger together but it taste great. thanks.


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